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What about the warranty?

Almost all products we sell are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. However, how that warranty works and what the terms and conditions are can differ per product. For that reason we love to tell you more about what we mean when we say warranty, what common exceptions are and what you need to pay attention to.

What does your warranty apply to?

On all our Skerper products you will receive a warranty on material and manufacturing flaws when you purchase a product. This means that if there is a defect in the product caused by a flaw in the material, or the manufacturing you are entitled to a warranty.

This also means that wear and tear never entitles you to a warranty. After a while each product will wear out, to a greater or lesser extent. This, however, doesn’t mean that the product or the manufacturer is to blame. Some products wear out faster because they are perhaps of lesser quality. As long as this is inherent to the product, and not an exceptional material or manufacturing flaw you won’t be able to invoke the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

So what does warranty mean?

Legally speaking you are entitled to a repair or replacement product if a product breaks down within the warranty period. This means that sometimes a product can be fixed with a new or replacement part. Sometimes it means that you will receive a completely new product. If the product is no longer produced, it can be replaced with a product that is of equal value.

What about the warranty period?

Many products list a warranty period. All Skerper products come with a 25-year warranty. Within that period you can claim the warranty offered.

It is important to know that for some products the conditions of the warranty differ from other products produced by the same manufacturer. Think of a bottle of oil or a tube of diamond paste for a strop. Fortunately, these are also products for which the warranty is (almost) never claimed.

Defects due to incorrect use

Sometimes something happens to a product because it isn’t used as it should. Defects caused by incorrect use are practically never a part of the warranty. Simply think before use if the product was intended for what you are about to do with it.

Modifications and disassembly

For many products the following applies: if you modify the product yourself your warranty will expire. Sharpening a knife is, of course, not included as it is necessary maintenance. But as soon as you start filing, painting, sanding, soldering, anodizing etc. your warranty will expire immediately.

Transferability and warranty

Some brands are very strict in saying they will only hand out a warranty to the first owner of the product. One of the reasons being that they assume that during the first purchase a user manual was included in the box that attempted to assure good use. If it is a second-hand product this manual is not always still included. However, if you own a second-hand Skerper product with proof of purchase we will stick to our warranty obligation and always help you out!

Product defective? Contact us!

Is your product defective? Please contact us. You can do so via our service page. It helps a lot if you can clearly describe how you used the product when it went wrong. It also helps if you can include photographs of the problem. Based on that information we will be able to determine how we can help you.